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What does working with me look like?

For as long as I can remember I have been acting as a mirror for people. Helping them to navigate through their soul-destroying and negative thoughts they have been unconsciously telling themselves and buying into. Thoughts that have been keeping them stuck, and away from the Truth of who they really are (ie, actually bloody awesome).

I work with clients either cognitively using my evidence-based cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (CBH) or spiritual hypnotherapy toolbox or with my other talk-healing/body-healing methods. For some people who are going through so much they can’t articulate it properly, a good way to access the emotions is via the body, using a hands-on healing system like Reiki first. This is because our bodies carry the memories of all we have experienced in our lives. And that is why clients can sometimes start crying when they have a massage, for example, and it’s usually not because of the masseur’s killer thumbs.

With Reiki, we are working on the person’s physical body and their energy field. So emotions and feelings shift without the client having to talk or feel like a whole lot is going on (although many do). One or two sessions of this should open up the way for effective hypnotherapy if it’s needed.   

Regardless of which techniques I use, the first session with a client is a consultation to really get clear on the issue at hand, and to take a full case history. Then, based on the problem presented, I suggest how we proceed, and how many sessions it is likely to take (usually 3-6 if we are using hypnotherapy for a specific result, but this depends on the issue and the client). And this might involve using CBH with mindfulness, emotional or spiritual hypnotherapy or Reiki, as well as other self-help healing/coaching techniques that I have spent the past 20 years training in.

What working with me looks like:

  1. You fill in the form asking me to call you
  2. We decide on a time and I call you to discuss your issue and to see if I can help
  3. If we decide we want to work together, we start with a 60-90 minute initial consultation, ideally in person or via Skype
  4. We devise a treatment plan together and estimate the number of weekly sessions (can be via Skype if necessary). There will be homework between each session.
  5. We agree at what stage we will evaluate the treatment plan (usually half-way through). Once the goals of therapy have been met we will evaluate again and wrap-up, or continue as necessary.

If you’d like to schedule your free call, drop me a line.

Bye for now xx