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Want to help your kids fall asleep fast?

If your children (aged from 5) sometimes take hours to fall asleep, then this is for you.

I now offer home tutorial visits to teach you how to tap into your own inner hypnotherapist and deliver positive sleep-improving suggestions to your children to help them drift off. This can save you hours sitting next to them on the floor, praying they will nod off before 10pm.

It's easy to do once you know what to focus on and how to deliver it. And the process is unique to your child. No two children will be the same!

I will also provide you with a bespoke recording for your child as backup that you can play on your phone, either directly to them, or to remind you of what to do.

The research shows that children aged 8-12 are the most open to hypnotic suggestions. So it is very easy to help them enhance their sleep, and others areas like self-confidence, etc.

Sessions are 90 minutes, will involve talking to you and your child together and then showing you how to do it. Includes notes and video recording of session.

I am qualified and ensured to work with children. DBS checked.

"Sammie helps us get to sleep when it's late and we're still awake.  Sometimes we can't sleep and we don't know why.  She talks to us a bit first, in bed, and then tells us a story that is all about us. We don't remember exactly what she said to us, but we were flying off somewhere. And we sleep through the night. We love it when Sammie helps us fall asleep."


~ Mollie (5) and Sophie (9)*

* names changed for the privacy reasons