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Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"I was feeling really stuck and frustrated in a relationship with a guy I was seeing back then. Sam mentioned to me that having some sessions of hynotherapy would help. After the first session, I felt my personal power come back to me, and was also feeling more self-confident by using my affirmation and self-hypno. By the end of the second session, I was feeling at peace and free from what had become a toxic behavior pattern. I only needed 3 sessions to feel completely myself again and happy with where I was at. I am grateful to Sam not only because I felt great after the sessions, but because I learned how to free myself, and I reconnected with a part of myself that I realise had been missing for a long time."

~ Julia

"I came to see Sam as I was finding it hard to get into bed at night, procrastinating and I didn't know why. The result is that I used to wake up feeling very tired. I also had a fear that if I got into bed too early, I'd lie awake all night. Although I was very cynical at first, we used the sessions to identify the blocks I had and the reasons for my procrastination. I also used the self-hypnosis and affirmations to help. As a result, I am now happy to go to bed much earlier. I see it as a treat, rather than the chore I used to perceive it as. And I wake up feeling refreshed, and not tired. I have recommended Sam to other people looking for hypnotherapy and am grateful for the sessions, which really helped me."

~ Rachael

"My sessions with Sam were extremely revealing and enlightening and we covered a wide number of issues which were all feeding into my situation. During the 4 sessions (2 F2f and 2 via Skype), we uncovered some issues which I hadn't even realised were issues, and were able to address them. The tools and techniques Sam used were very powerful and had a profound impact on me. She also introduced me to self-hypno, which enabled me to better deal with situations on my own. After the sessions, I was able to recognise and accept the things I cannot change and to feel more confident about me, my life and how I could achieve the happiness that had been eluding me for a long time. Thank you so much Sam for guiding me on this journey and helping me to me face some of the fears I had obviously been hiding from for a long time."

~ Marge

"I came to see Sam with high anxiety problems regarding business and money. During our sessions we worked on lots of issues, including past lives, and resolved them all step by step. Her approach is well explained and clear. I was able to see breakthroughs after my sessions. Each session got me to see that everything is in my mind and that I need not worry, just believe in myself and my abilities. With this new found self-worth and trust in myself, I'm able to see life more clearly. Sam is a very approachable therapist who genuinely cares for her patients and it reflects in her work. She is a great therapist, using this work to help people heal themselves." 

~ Danny

"I am very grateful to Sam Spiro for her hypnotherapy sessions. I felt I had a big block that was stopping me from enjoying sex and my full femininity. I found my 3 sessions extremely helpful and we covered a lot, including inner-child and childhood influences as well as past lives. We did deep work and felt like I made some big shifts, letting go of issues that were blocking me. As a result,  I feel more able to enjoy receiving a more intimate relationship with my partner and have come to terms with some issues of the past. I also now feel more comfortable in my self and my body. Thank you Sam for all the help you gave me." 

~ Jo*

(*name changed for reasons of confidentiality, with the client's consent)

Consciousness Coaching Testimonials

"I have worked with Sam multiple times with Reiki, hypnotherapy, and intuitive coaching. She is truly connected on an intuitive level. For example, she helped me open my heart chakra and used hypnotherapy to help me clear tension with a close friend. Sam is a wonderful and intuitive person to work with and I look forward to seeing her again."

~ Kenny

"My intuitive Reiki session with Sam was literally life-changing. It is hard to convey how a stranger could change your life in 1 hour and 7 minutes but that is exactly what happened. Sam helped me see all the information I needed to complete my life's journey and I am forever changed by the experience. Simply saying thank you is not enough but I am so humbled that pretty words elude me, so, I offer as many thanks as there are stars in the sky and I promise, I will never forget your words. Thank you, Sam."

~ Yvonne 1

"Thank you again Sam. You did a wonderful job. Your energy is so bright and beautiful. The Reiki really did make me feel much better."

~ Yesenia

"A special shout-out to Sam Spiro who has been amazing and very on point with tuning into my energy. Her intuitive Reiki session left me with much to think about and a feeling of freedom. After the Reiki, she was able to offer me the tools to help myself, and helped me confirm a lot of things that have recently been happening for me. I look forward to growing and learning more through connecting more."

~ Tanvi