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Are You Ready To Wake Up?

Unpacking My Life: From Hedonist to Healer

Transformation ...  is it really that scary?

Life’s an unpredictable whirlwind, isn’t it? One moment, I was chasing my dream of playing professional football in Scotland; the next, I found myself immersed in the world of five-star kitchens and international travel. I’m Noah, though my partner affectionately calls me “Quirky”,a fitting nickname considering my eclectic journey.

Wearing many hats has been my forte: a proud dad to two wonderful souls, a filmmaker and producer collaborating across music, corporate business, and the arts, and even a hand model in the ’90s! However, my most life-altering experiences have not been my brush with stardom or going on luxurious adventures. It’s been fatherhood, and facing cancer not once, but twice. Bothhave forced me to confront deep-seated negativity and embark on a radical course of self-understanding.

This journey with cancer hasn’t been solely about physical recovery; it was a spiritual awakening. Staring into the face of mortality at a relatively young age led me to discover the profound impact of self-love and the significance of letting go of negativity. This realisation ignited a passion within me to share my experiences and guide others on their own path to inner peace and healing.

Today, I wear a new hat as: mentor, coach, and advocate for self-realisation and inner healing. Combining my expertise in Reiki, Breathwork, Tantra EFT/NLP, and other effective techniques, I empower individuals to release emotional pain and build healthy, fulfilling lives. My approach is honest and direct, cutting through the bullshit to tackle the root causes of suffering and foster genuine self-reflection for lasting growth.

My journey hasn’t just been about overcoming challenges; it’s also been about embracing creativity and finding joy in self-expression. I continue to create documentaries and express myself through various art forms, glimpses of which can be found on YouTube Meanwhile, on social media, I share my signature brand of “warped satirical humour” – after all, life really is a joke!

Zen Prem

This is just a taste of the rich tapestry that is my life. If you resonate with my story, or are interested in working with me,connect with me now:

Life is a journey filled with unexpected turns and hidden potential. I encourage you to embrace the quirks, face your challenges head-on, and discover the power of self-healing within you right NOW!