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Quoted by BBC Radio Bristol as being an expert love coach, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Are You Ready To Wake Up?

The Last Ashram Zensual Living Retreats (inc. the SLAP Method). Transforming Lives Around the World

Combining Eastern wisdom and Western science, my clients are seeking self-clarity, harmony and a new level of conscious awakening and integrated health.

They have tried everything – from conventional therapy to alternative modalities. Anything and everything to feel better and numb the pain inside. But conventional mind therapy can take you only so far. Why? Because therapy only appeases the mind, it doesn't quieten it. To reach the inner peace and joy you truly seek, you need to go beyond the mind. And guess what, everyone CAN do it. as an experienced transformational and no-mind therapist, I show you how.

I'm here to SLAP you awake!

Working with you on a one on one, my 12-week SLAP Method (Self-Love Activation Programme) allows you to rewire, reframe and renew the mind, body and spirit. It gives you an opportunity to reskill yourself for deeper personal connections and lasting transformation.

The  Last Ashram Zensual Living 6-day intensive retreat programme is a fully immersive surrender, allowing you to return to your natural essence of being and realise your greatest potential.

"I recently spent a life-transforming five days with Sam Zen at her intensive retreat in Thailand. I’ve been on other healing and spiritual retreats, and now I know why she calls it The Last Ashram Retreat. With her insightful guidance and overwhelming love, I have woke to realise Who Am I. This isn’t a quick fix, but the results for me happened in a moment of clarity. Sam Zen demands committment, you have to really want to free yourself. And trust me, I really wanted to free myself. After years of trying to feel good about myself through mainstream spiritual guidance, yoga and even tantra, I finally broken free. I now feel totally liberated in the life I chose to live. Thank you so much Sam  for this incredible experience. As you would say,

Only Love"

If YOU feel you're ready to wake up and transform your "relatingshit" with your mind, and change your life in the process, contact me now for a scheduled complimentary introduction call.

Be a healthier, liberated, more peaceful, awakened  you – NOW !


“Your own Self-Realisation is the greatest service you can render the world.”
Ramana Maharshi



I have had several sessions with Sam and have found her to be a unique combination of very professional and very emotionally intelligent. She listens. I mean really listens. It is a gift that few people have and makes the most enormous difference to the quality of the session. Although lively and engaging, she also has the most extraordinary calming presence which really comes through in her Reiki healing and hypnotherapy treatments and it really feels as if it melts through one's anxieties and difficulties.