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How can you be your own agent of change?

You don’t need to work with another person to become your own agent of change. If we put on our creative Sherlock Holmes hat and start getting really interested in understanding the reflections that life is showing us, then we can get many great insights on our own. It’s just easier when a neutral third-party is sitting opposite you and points things out to you, allowing you to “GET IT”, to understand yourself and what is going on in your own head, beyond the “he did this to me, and she did that”!

Many of the great spiritual masters of our time have written books on it, such as J. Krishnamurti and Eckhart Tolle, describing how to self-enquire and process your energy yourself. And they are not alone. Monks still go and sit in cells or caves to do this work. And even the Buddha did it on his own, in 7 days under a tree, reflecting and meditating on his life before he became “enlightened”. 

So you can definitely do it too. I use this process on myself when I want to understand and transmute my own raw energy about any situation in my life, and this is just one technique to allow you to get clear and feel free.

  1. The first step is to accept WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW. If you resist what is real right now, nothing changes, ever. I know this from experience. So start with admitting to yourself where you are at – lonely, divorced, sick, angry, single, overweight, whatever it is, acknowledge it. This is a great way to stir up the raw energy attached to what you perceive to be true for you right now. BUT you don’t want to get involved in any negative self-talk – no making yourself wrong. Take whatever it is (ie, divorced) as a fact.
  2. By now there will be something going on inside you. Some type of emotion. Feel it. You can name it if you like – remember there are basically only 4 emotions, fear, anger, sadness and joy/love.
  3. Imagine you have a remote control and press zoom, and expand the raw emotion/energy you are feeling inside of yourself so that it fills up your whole body. See if you can completely fill your body up with that emotion. Stick with it, even if it feels uncomfortable.
  4. Now that you can really feel it, see yourself or sense yourself sitting on a stool in the middle of this raw energy/emotional feeling. A bit like you are in a plane flying through a cloud. The cloud is the raw energy feeling inside you.
  5. Sit in your plane and look around you at the cloud, what colour is it, what does it feel like, what else can you notice? You’re looking with the same feeling as you would watching a kitten jump around. With curiosity and tenderness. You are watching to get intimate with your feelings
  6. Keep observing it. You will feel the energy move – quantum physics tells us that energy observed shifts!
  7. And the punch line, if you start out doing this because you want the knot in your stomach/uncomfortable emotion to disappear, it won’t (we’ve all heard the phrase, what you resist persists). If you watch it from a place of accepting it/yourself, then you’ll see the magic happen.

Love to hear how you get on with this. Drop me a line and let me know.

Bye for now xx