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Consciousness Coaching Testimonials

"I have worked with Sam multiple times with Reiki, hypnotherapy, and intuitive coaching. She is truly connected on an intuitive level. For example, she helped me open my heart chakra and used hypnotherapy to help me clear tension with a close friend. Sam is a wonderful and intuitive person to work with and I look forward to seeing her again."

~ Kenny

"My intuitive Reiki session with Sam was literally life-changing. It is hard to convey how a stranger could change your life in 1 hour and 7 minutes but that is exactly what happened. Sam helped me see all the information I needed to complete my life's journey and I am forever changed by the experience. Simply saying thank you is not enough but I am so humbled that pretty words elude me, so, I offer as many thanks as there are stars in the sky and I promise, I will never forget your words. Thank you, Sam."

~ Yvonne

"Thank you again Sam. You did a wonderful job. Your energy is so bright and beautiful. The Reiki really did make me feel much better."

~ Yesenia

"A special shout-out to Sam Spiro who has been amazing and very on point with tuning into my energy. Her intuitive Reiki session left me with much to think about and a feeling of freedom. After the Reiki, she was able to offer me the tools to help myself, and helped me confirm a lot of things that have recently been happening for me. I look forward to growing and learning more through connecting more."

~ Tanvi